People in local communities face issues in bringing awareness about climate change. This problem stems from lack of resources to reach out to like-minded people. Currently, the climate change scenario is controlled by organisational bodies, NGO's, and other funding agencies who timely schedule events for it. This takes away from people the freedom to step-in this scenario at their own convenience.

What it does

We propose an interactive platform (website/mobile app) for well-motivated or amateurs to be the leader. With our solution, we want to target the people from Gen-Z to the middle aged people who are motivated to build a better ecosystem by doing their bit for climate change. The activities will cater to resolving climate change at a micro-managerial level. The unique features consists of spontaneity of the activities, a location-friendly access, a non-elaborate procedure for joining and creating a profile. It will be convenient for people to have a single platform for all the climate change activities initiated locally.

How we built it

Beginning with the idea of a dating app for climate related activities, we tried to conceive a platform where people can create a project/activity on their own convenient time while meeting like-minded people. While we were addressing the problem of social /individual behaviour towards climate change, it was important to think about channels that will help people transform their "talk" mentality to a "walk the talk" attitude.

Challenges we ran into

The key challenge was to think about how to market our website/app and make it accessible to the people worldwide. Moreover, how to reach out to correct users/audience for prompt climate change actions will be vital in assessing the market for our platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming from such diverse backgrounds, we were incredibly satisfied by our ability to communicate, and working together, untangling the climate issue, pitching the right title and defining and targeting a niche which was not yet represented on the market.

What we learned

Generally, the social behaviour of people leans towards blaming the higher authorities for environmental misconducts. Acknowledging the mindset of climate supporters, we wanted to make them realise, that they might be the "change" they were looking for. A lot of local community struggles to build a meaningful initiative, and it is not easy for them to find a tailored platform to organise initiatives. This hackathon was an opportunity to create a platform that connects hundreds of driven people who need to export their local ideas to eventually at a global scale.

What's next for Cli.Mate

We aim to reach a strong community, with a possible expansion, acting not only as an app/website, but building strong world changing communities. Starting within Germany, we can easily adapt this methodology to a wider audience, which will lead to accessibly, where anyone will be able to take lead to organize events, acting as a "micro-influencers" in fighting the climate change. In the future, based on user's behaviour, the platform will recommend similar events happening locally where they might be interested in.

Names of the teammates

Zoe Nguyen, Simon Martin, Franziska Borrmann, Fabio Rovai, Priyanka Kachru

Presenter for the video pitch

Simon Martin

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