Users get overwhelmed by ads & commercials everywhere and, especially, when they are watching video via Youtube, Dailymotion, Viewster, Vimeo, etc. At the same time, advertisers can’t track user engagement and users just skip their ads.

How can we balance it without making advertisers and users unsatisfied?

The solution is CleverAds.

Change the way you see video ads and engage users with advertising content via a quiz and rewards.

How does it work?

  1. CleverAds will engage users with advertising content via an ad-related quiz

  2. Users answer correctly and shows his knowledge and engagement about the advertisement

  3. User will be able to skip the ad immediately and earn points by getting quiz right

  • Engages users via a quiz game

  • The user will not watch the same advertisement if he answered quiz correctly

The Quiz Questions

  • Related to the ad content

  • Questions differ every time you watch an ad

  • Questions get harder each time



  • Skipping the rest of an ad
  • No repeatable advertisements
  • Earning points


  • Information & Data about Users
  • Saving Money by better audience targeting

What's next?

  • Build the expertise in the quiz-based advertisement
  • Let the users spend their earned points in the service
  • Let the users make gifts for their friends by using earned points

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