The sponsorship fair was the most packed room that we have been in, even more so than Thornton Hall during food servings. Ironically, as we were pushed around by our fellow hackers looking for swag and merch from a plethora of companies, we stumbled across our idea. Quite literally, Zain fell over as we were leaving and said that when he graduates this year, he's going to move somewhere so much less crowded. Because it related to the Fannie Mae sponsorship challenge, amongst many others, we agreed to attempt the project.

What it does

We have created an online platform that educates the viewers about loans and finance. If one would like a more extensive education and more lessons, then they may purchase an education plan. Afterward, after a friendly conversation with the ML bot, emails are sent to the user which provides them with the top three places that we believe that they should live.

How we built it

We built the online education platform based on the wordpress framework using the technology stacks of php, mysql, javascript, html, and css

Challenges we ran into

We got repeatedly stumped on how to implement what we wanted to. Originally, we wanted to have the website completely finished by 1 AM so that we could work on the special features, like fully featured bot, and have the backend python finished up before the competition was over. Turns out, we don't have enough time to train our model, and we lack a sufficient amount of data, so we had to stop that part of our idea and have a simple but useful bot integrated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating google login, PayPal authorized payments, Machine Learning ChatBot, Google Cloud Hosting.

What we learned

Cloudflare integration for CDN Firewall, Overall educational product

What's next for Clever Loans

Scalability, More Courses

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