I worked with Jira a lot while working in a service company and I know how painful to manually create invoices from Jira worklogs. So I have decided to build the app which automates this process!

What it does

The app that helps to create invoices from Jira worklogs in a few clicks, find uninvoiced time and build analytics on top of that.

You can find animated quick start guide here it shows the step-by-step usage example.

How I built it

The process is pretty standard, I have started with research, then did a design with user testing, then development.

Challenges I ran into

A lack of time, so I had to hire 2 front-end developers to help me with a product

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Since I have 20 years experience in IT, I have enough skills to make design, back-end development and devops by myself. So I have used all my possible skills at maximum here.

What I learned

The earlier I start getting feedback from customers, the better. Every product maker should learn marketing skills. It is like the idea worth $1, to create the product worth $10 and to sell it is $100. So I have read a few books on marketing and continue learning it.

What's next for Clerk Invoices

The plans are huge! I have tons of ideas after getting the feedback from first users and straight to Mars! 🚀😀

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