I got tired of looking up the menu on my laptop to figure out where I wanted to eat. It just seemed like something that I shouldn't have to do in 2018, and now nobody has to.

What it does

You can ask Alexa about the overall menu for a campus dining location or for just a single station at a specific location.

Phrases: what does {dining_hall} have on the menu today what is {dining_hall} serving today

what's at the {station} bar at {dining_hall} what's on the {station} bar at {dining_hall} what does the {station} at {dining_hall} have today what's at the {station} at {dining_hall} what's on the {station} at {dining_hall}

Stations at Core: Deli Dessert Entree Station Grill Lite-sy Corner Mongolian Grill Pasta Pizza Salad Soup

Stations at Schilletter: Fresh Focus Deli Grill Pizza Salad Bar Dessert Mongolian Saute Soup Taste of Home Vegetarian

How I built it

Using AWS and Python

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making my first ever Alexa skill in just 12 hours!

What I learned

How to scrape webpages using BeautifulSoup 4 and Python How to write an Alexa skill How to use AWS Lambda

What's next for Clemson Dining Alexa Skill

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