Idea Many brands and content creators curate multiple social media platforms to promote themselves. While built-in analytics apps work well for a single platform, there is not a utility that can track a user's activity on multiple platforms- which we created.

Method MySQL server to store and query data, cookies to identify user (potentially switching to cache), and a web front-end to present data to the user, allowing them to identify and manage their strongest social media platforms.

Challenges Configuring the front-end to work in sync with the back-end took some time to program. As a result, we did not have enough time to optimize the UI for the web app, but we were able to make it functional. Figuring out how to make interactive graphics on the web app also was a struggle, which we did not ultimately have time to solve.

Moving Forward We plan on fully finishing ClearNet so that brand users and prospective social media enthusiasts will be able to use our service to increase their representation and following across the multiple platforms available today. Ideally, we will be able to finish the graphics and UI for the web app so that the experience is more user-friendly and easy to use.

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