ClearKarma-Nutri is a COVID-19 diet assistant to boost immunity. Our platform generates personalized recipes, menus and even organizes deliveries of foods strengthening the immune system for prevention and faster recovery of COVID-19. We help you find the most delicious recipes personalized to your health needs and deliver the freshest local food to your doorstep!

ClearKarma-Nutri is part of the bigger project aiming at connecting fresh food suppliers with their local customers, which is critical to help especially small food business survive the crisis. ClearKarma Nutri (CK Nutri), solution to generate and plan recipes for special diets, helps prevent undernutrition and thus strengthen the immune defenses of people with COVID-19. Our platform also supports 88% of people infected by COD-19 showing symptoms of loss of taste (ageusia) with faster recovery which can otherwise take up to 12 months. It is expected that the results of experimental development will be widely disseminated by placing on the market and use by numerous patients and medical or nursing staff. The results expected to help treat this widespread disorder will immediately benefit other people affected by medical treatment (more than 50% of chemotherapy patients) or old age.

Our solution is part of two themes: Vulnerability and resilience of people, groups and organizations, conditions of efficiency and real conditions for implementing information, prevention, care and control actions , as well as the organization of care. Our solution can play a key role in the screening, management and early isolation of people infected with COVID-19 as soon as a loss of smell and taste occurs, either before appearance of general and ENT symptoms (in 12% of cases), or during (65% of cases). The use of our solution makes it possible to accelerate healing by taking full charge of the creation of recipes and planning of menus adapted to preferences or medical conditions. We go so far as to facilitate the preparation of dishes thanks to the ClearKarma Market (CK Market) solution for the delivery of fresh and locally available food. Providing an end-to-end solution makes it possible to personalize and facilitate daily adapted nutrition, while avoiding supply disruptions. This project brings together two solutions CK Nutri (generate and plan recipes) and CK Market (distribution of fresh local products) under a ClearKarma NutriMarket (CK NutriMarket) platform to prevent the loss of taste and smell (ageusia and anosmia) linked to COVID-19 and strengthen its immune defenses by maintaining a balanced diet.

The ClearKarma Group company relies on artificial intelligence technologies and on two nutrition research works carried out in 2017/2018 with the University of Paris La Sorbonne adaptable to the needs of patients with COVID-19. Prototyping was focused on a recipe generator for special diets applied to the case of food allergens and to generate and plan sustainable and healthy recipes allowing the use of seasonal and local products while reducing food waste. By integrating and adapting these skills to the specificities of COVID-19 pathologies, CK Nutri can be made operational with the help of nutritionists and experts validated by an expert system. This project requires integrating CK Nutri into CK Market ( the European distribution platform and network bringing together all the actors of fresh and local products currently piloting in Gif-sur-Yvette in France, in Austria and Spain before rapid deployment on a national market supporting our project.

Our platform will make it possible to order from the generator / planner of recipes adapted to the constraints of COVID-19, then to deliver the freshest local food to patients at their place of confinement. Our activity is based on an economic model including online marketplace and logistics service franchise capable of generating economies of scale through network growth and automation of processes and data. This service, designed according to an integral approach, has the advantage of relieving nursing staff at home (understaffed) of the frequent task of going shopping for patients, which can thus be effectively delegated to the distribution network of 'fresh and local food, making it possible to make substantial savings on health budgets in times of crisis as well as in normal times.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts collaborates mainly in nutritional and technological research with the University of St. Pölten (Austria), very committed, but it is also planned to work with our other previous partners: the University of Paris La Sorbonne, Agroparistech , the LIST and LIRMM for the modeling and categorization of recipes for special diets will allow us to adapt the recipes to patients affected by COVID-19 and presenting permanent or temporary symptoms of ageusia. Our partner is Adanam Technology (France), winner of the 14th National Competition to Help the Creation of Innovative Companies from the Ministry of Research (Development of a suite of software for optimizing digital data flows based on a new mathematical theory applied to computers and electronics). The integration of Blockchain technology makes it possible to increase the security of private data and validation of medical experts authorized to recommend treatments and recipes adapted to the condition of patients.

Built With

  • neuronal-networks
  • ontologies
  • python
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