ClearIt is the most effective tool to track and monitor acne for young adults who are already using acne-specific medications or products amongst all digital dermatological services because it quantifies the progress of skin conditions to more effectively evaluate the effects of new medications or products. With dermatologist wait times exceeding 78 days in Philadelphia and 52 days in Boston, and over 85% of people between ages 12 and 24 experiencing at least mild acne, patients do not have access to receiving the care that they need. To address this, ClearIt focuses on reactive care by tracking and analyzing facial irregularities and determining the percent differences in skin composition over time to understand the efficacy of the current regiment.

ClearIt aims to combat the notable negative stigma attached to acne breakouts among adolescents by maintaining the privacy of each user and avoiding any comparison between different users in our database. In the future, after establishing a strong user base and credibility in the market, strategic partnerships and integrations with healthcare providers will allow us to rapidly increase our revenue and breadth in both our user base and feature offering.

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