We the ClearFit Mask team were inspired to take on this project due to there initially being a lack of facemasks and making them more accessible. Upon further speculation, we saw that these standard masks do not provide users with comfort or the ability to read facial expressions.

What it does

To solve these problems, we decided to make clear masks custom fit to the users' face.

How it was built

After many initial designs and extensive research on current masks on market, we came up with a unique design which would be the most effective and impactful in tackling the issues and 3D models on SolidWorks. We also created designs for future iterations going forward that would be great for team members to spend more time on in the future.

Challenges we ran into

It was a challenge to combine the two ideas to make this idea possible since we didn't have a subject matter expert on exporting a face scan to a 3D printable image. We also ran into the challenge of not being able to brain storm in the same room. The benefits of typical hackathons is that the whole team is in the same room for a few days able to brain storm and work together due to COVID-19 we were unable to do that but video chatting and other methods of communicating helped to keep the team united throughout the project.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Communication, team work, and dedication to making an impact. We were able to overcome the challenge of working on this project virtually. And our team was also able to highlight each team members strengths and grow together.

What we learned

In doing this hackathon, we were able to come up with so many creative ideas for new face masks and are excited to pitch our ideas and expand upon our current design to make it more accessible and marketable.

What's next for ClearFit Mask

We are working on obtaining FDA approval and adding new features such as designing a small fan and adding a mountable face shield.

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