Our take on FinTech is a website designed to allow small businesses to affordably manage business analytics and make predictions about future analytics based on as many data points as possible.

What It does

Currently we are focusing on using past business data, data from related businesses, and weather (AccuWeather) to predict future analytics. We are currently using polynomial regression with weather multipliers to predict business at least a year in the future. We also plan on adding features like scheduling and integration with existing small business software like Square if time permits.

How We Built It

Using Spring Boot as our backend and primarily Bootstrap Vue as our frontend we were able to build a full site with lots of functionality and even more potential.

Challenges We Ran Into

The main challenge that was faced with creating this project was the time constraint and creating an accurate prediction for how future business will be based on weather. 36 hours is quite a bit of time but we decided to take on a bigger project that was our main focus for 90% of the allotted time.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

Our future predictions based on the weather were extremely accurate which is something we figured would be extremely difficult.

What We Learned

Our team learned a lot about full-stack web development which not all of us knew going into this. Those of us that were familiar with it going in have really honed in our skills and feel more confident with our skillset.

What's next for ClearData

We would like to build more upon our predictions using advancing technology such as data-mining and larger datasets.

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