Our aim was to establish a technological component in the Industrial 4.0 scenario. IoT Applications influence our everyday lifestyle and our goal was to come up with a novel approach to provide a solution to everyday problems that can be more simple and efficient in nature.

What it does

We have a ClearCore Controller as a core component in our architecture which is interfaced with the ClearCore servo motor, which is powered by Amazon IPC-5. Furthermore, We tinkered with the RPM and the direction of the servo motor using HMI via serial communication. We have tried to interface the Ultrasonic sensor and rotary encoder using the Digital and Analog I/O of the ClearCore Controller. We have also tried to interface the Controller with the SCADA or other client software over Ethernet wire Telnet protocol. Our intention was to extract data from SCADA and log it into an Amazon DynamoDB database.

Challenges we ran into

While our goal was to establish a smooth working prototype of the desired outcome, we ran into a few challenges that helped us understand the module at a deeper level. While Arduino uno uses 5 volt input, ClearCore controller uses 24 volt input. Unaware of this detail triggered a short circuit and damaged the Ultrasonic sensor and required a replacement. This provided us further information about how the ClearCore controller was designed to prevent any form of potential damage that could arise when used in a project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our hustle and zeal to learn novel technologies and our capabilities to come up with new ideas and innovations within a limited timeframe. I must say, we have discovered a new side of ourselves and this gives us confidence further to tackle similar challenges in the future.

What we learned

The benefits and advantages of ClearCore Controller and how it tackles the problems of Arduino, the upgrades it has and how beneficial it can be for the applications in the future.

What's next for ClearCore I/O and Motion Controller in IoT Industry

With further integration of ClearCore Controller in IoT industry, a variety of applications can rise and finding solutions will be much more easier and faster.

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