We met here in Nashville with the same idea despite coming from different sides of the Atlantic. The concept that Advanced Care Directives could be greatly enhanced through the use of Blockchain technology. Across the US and UK 278 million People do not have Advanced Care Plans and we see this as unacceptable.

What it does

It captures and stores the advanced directives of the patient based currently on the Maryland approach, but the platform has been built and designed in a way that would be expandable globally.

The platform also displays key emergency information in a single page interface meaning Emergency and Palliative Care workers have all the information they need to make an informed decision on how to treat a presenting patient.

How we built it

Although we didnt complete all the code we aimed to develop A true peer to peer, distributed approach to ACD, avoiding the problem of single providers holding this critical record, including the recording of key allergy and condition information. Used events to force the patient to update their wishes regularly. The ability to store wishes across state and international boundaries bringing together disparate approaches We can reduce the size of the advance care directive to less than 83 bytes. This could have facilitated the share of data via Tierion, Ethereum or Blockchain

Challenges we ran into

Time!!! Complexity of our aim to store a simple document Issues with certain beta elements of tools and technologies we where applying. Complexity of the approach. Time!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a brand and live website A simple business Plan A solid and robust approach to the technical problem we think could be built out against with more time. Linkage of two core ACD (Advanced Care Record) components with the BlockChain A user interface for patients A user interface for doctors and emergency personnel

What we learned

How to work together quickly and effectively despite having only just met. Shared new approaches to blockchain and learned lots from Steven! Shared new approaches to traditional records based problems. Learned about Tierion and identified which was most appropriate for given problems.

What's next for ClearCallHealth

Look at how we can work together remote from each other. It was a great team. Inga worked from Ireland during the project and skills where all complimentary so who knows where happenstance could take us next.

We would very much like to build the project out further and see if it could be applied first with patients and doctors and then at National and State levels.

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