Problems and complaints of people living around airports.

What it does

Provides a heatmap, data or sms of air and noise pollution generated by airplanes.

How we built it

We built the backend by scraping databases for noise and CO2 emission and cross referencing those with the corresponding plane models from the OpenSky API.

The data is then required through http queries from both the website and the sms client, and is returned with filters according to the requested user location.

Challenges we ran into

Importing databases, linking components and speed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Provided a simple-to-use tool which can be useful for people around airports, real estate promoters but also airports who might want to visualize data in a different way.

What we learned

Data can be a key component in social collaboration and discussions. One of our team mates comes from Paris where an airport project greatly divided society and caused strikes and protests. Tools like ClearSky could facilitate the conversation.

What's next for Clear Sky

Launching, maybe.

Challenges :

  • Accenture Challenge : Our app aims to better human relations and give a tool for people who live near airport, for them to prove their discomfort.
  • Nexmo : Our SMS integration is directly connected to a Bot, so it can be texted with a location and the API returns Clear Sky Data.
  • FirstCo : Whole project based of the plane API
  • WebApp is hosted on a .tech


Backend :

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