While trying to brainstorm an interesting and original idea, we began discussing applications that would increase productivity and decrease waste. After numerous discussions and debates, we finally stumbled upon a unique problem, our closets.

What it does


Clear Closet is a useful tool to upload, save, and search your clothes. When buying new clothes or reorganizing your wardrobe, take a picture of clothes you might want to wear. Upload them onto your Clear Closet, and view your collection anytime. When it seems that you have nothing left to wear, open up your mobile "closet" with a single tap and get some inspiration! Browse your virtual wardrobe for clothes rather than purchasing new ones and find ideal matches for your dream outfit!


Tags are concise, simple labels to describe your clothing. When you want to find a specific type of clothing, enter your wanted tags right into the search engine, and we'll find the best match for you! When uploading new clothing, Clear Closet will automatically apply tags that you can edit and add to! Using visual artificial intelligence APIs, Clear Closet guarantees the most accurate and descriptive tags.

How we built it

Using Next.js and Firebase, we created the mainframe of our application. Using TailWind CSS, we painted our website with colorful and vibrant elements. In order to implement visual artificial intelligence, we used Clarifai's visual recognition API.

Challenges we ran into

Occasional, unnoticeable bugs, such as mistaking functions for attributes and typing the wrong file directory, stalled our progression. Integration of Clarifai and Firebase also soaked up many hours of our workday. Yet, after continuous revisions and attempts, we finally succeeded.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud not only of the success that we have found in fully designing and creating this application but also of the teamwork and synergy that we garnered as a team. The hours we spent discussing ideas, proposing solutions, and debugging code fueled the comradery that guided us to success. Our ability to cooperate and divvy up the tasks at hand allowed us to iterate quickly and efficiently through the engineering process.

What we learned

Along the journey, we learned much about the web development process, from the back-end to the front. We acquired the skills necessary for using APIs and merging them into our applications. But most importantly, we learned about the teamwork process—the communication and cooperation required for achievement.

What's next for Clear Closet

Clear Closet's applications are not limited to your wardrobe. Clear Closet can be expanded to photos of all types. Visual AI Recognition is a growing field that can eventually be applied to every object and will only get more accurate and precise from there. Clear Closet is looking forward to accompanying its growth and become an even more useful and accurate photo storage application.

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