Tackling plastic rubbish in oceans at its source: daily plastic consumption.

What it does

Helps you keep track of how much plastic you're using... or not using. Every time you reuse a bag, cup, bottle or fod container, you can log it in the app. You will be awarded points for reusing your items, and these in turn become rewards and discounts that you can use in real retailers.

You can also compete with your friends to see who has saved the most animals each week, and see how much money you saved by refilling your bottle/mug and reusing your bags.

How we built it

We are a group of 2 students and 2 lecturers from the University of Essex. We met through an email advertising the Athena Hackathon sent through the University and decided to join.

We refined our idea and developed it through the Hackathon, using an Agile methodology (prioritising tasks) with very short development cycles.

Challenges we ran into

None of us knew much about app development and we had to learn in a very short amount of time.

For this reason, and since some of the team members couldn't make it the second day, we weren't able to implement the whole functionality that we wanted... but that's expected in such a limited time!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At the beginning of the weekend none of us had much experience of Android app development or even Java, but we can say we've all learnt a lot by developing, in less than 48 hours, a fully working app.

What we learned

We worked following an extremely Agile methodology for our development, with almost continuous deployment cycles (Every hour or so). We learned how important communication is when trying to work on such a short project (and only one phone to test the app on).

What's next for CleanWaves

We want to develop the web server to which the app connects to have the information from other users so that we can create global challenges and competitions across all users.

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