We wanted to change the landscape of the modern vm industry to reduce carbon footprint and to be an inspiration for other industries.

What it does

An application that optimizes the use of renewable energies by different data centers based on current weather data regarding wind and solar radiation. In detail, it distributes tasks to available data centers with a high amount of unused power created by renewable energies.

How we built it

One of our main goals here, was to use technologies that are platform independent and lightweight during runtime to consume as little energy as possible.

We decided to make us of the latest technology stacks and state of the art REST-APIs providing us with current and future weather data. To make the development flexible and independent of hardware requirements, we dockerized our environment. Visualization is an important part to increase engagement with our product and making it easily accessible. Therefore, we build an web application with VueJs. Go and Python were used to handle data streams inside our application.

Challenges we ran into

The limited time frame pushed us to focus on the core aspects of our product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Engineering an algorithm which puts us in the position to find the best data center based on available renewable energies at any given time.

What we learned

Working towards goals we believe in is hard but satisfying in the end.

What's next for cleanware

Further fine tuning the algorithm to be able to handle even more data inputs and optimize the shifting workflow.

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