I thought there would be some people like me who didn't know about temp files and decided to make this

What it does

Cleanup takes inputs for the corresponding directories (namely temp, %temp%, prefetch, softwaredistribution) and deletes the files in them. After the first time those inputs will be saved so you can keep reusing the app with more ease

How we built it

Except for the .bat file, everything else is in Python (PyQt5 for the GUI)

Challenges we ran into

These folders require administrative access so sometimes it just wouldn't work if you didn't have the rights (Windows 11 stuff), so used a self elevating shell script that forces it run as admin incase

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learned to use PyQt in a short time
  • Came to know that the Admin account in Windows 11 is disabled by default lol

Built With

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