Between the months of August and September of 2017, a hurricane by the name of Irma swept through all of Florida and the states north of it. It caused damage left and right leaving cities without power and people without homes. Unfortunately for those in South Florida, that wasn't the worse part. The aftermath of what was left by Hurricane Irma littered our streets for months. Trees, debris, poles, and other trash were left on the streets and gently pushed aside by city workers. We had to live with the trash for months until late December when the trash was finally picked up. People were angry, and wanted to get the trash off of their streets but couldn't alone. This is why I built an app designed to help solve that problem.

What it does

Cleanup is a app based on crowdsourcing. It allows users that seek assistance, to upload "Jobs" to the app so that others may see it. Users can upload pictures, along with the description of the job, payout, and the location of the task. All the job postings appear in a central feed. The idea being that everyone can help each other out and together we can clean up post natural disasters a little bit better.

How I built it

I built it on Phonegap using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. This allows me to port the app both on iOS and Android. The backend was build with Node and MongoDB. Ajax was used to communicate between the frontend server and backend server.

Challenges I ran into


What I learned

A lot of Phonegap

What's next for Cleanup

Ship ship ship!

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