In the United States today, nearly 40% of adults over the age of 20 are obese. Everyone know the consequences of obesity, including increased risk to cancer, heart failure, or diabetes, but it's difficult to make the commitment to eating healthy. Personally, living alone in New York City, I've found that it's so much easier to eat junk food—advertisements and stores for it are everywhere. That's why I wanted to build Cleansium, a web application created using React, Redux, Rails, PostgreSQL, and Google Cloud Storage, to help others like myself build healthier habit.

What it does

  • Cleansium provides a calendar interface implemented with a postgreSQL database to persist data for each day, allowing users to log back in and seamlessly pick up where they left off. (image attached)
  • The app deploys Google Cloud Storage using FormData API to store images, reducing server load and allowing users to upload and view large image files. (image attached)
  • Cleansium also leverages Jbuilder and Rails Active Record to minimize Ajax requests when fetching nested calendar data, significantly DRYing frontend code and shortening load times to improve user experience (image attached)
  • Finally, Cleansium features CRUD processes for each day in the calendar using a custom RESTful api, enabling users to include expansive information to their calendar, including a rating and description for each day. (image attached)
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