Project Category: Building and Improving Future Cities

Tier 1 - Team 126 submission for CalgaryHacks2021 Bounty Challenges: 1) Best User Experience / User Interface Design 2) Best use of Machine Learning -- Powered by Clio


Our world’s rapidly increasing waste production has demonstrated the need for effective waste management systems that enable future cities to grow in an environmentally sustainable manner.

What it does

CleanIT is a web application that allows a user to identify the appropriate bin to throw their waste in. This allows for less confusion with bin specific items, and it can be used as a learning tool for children to learn the differences between, recycling, organics, and compost.

How it's built

The frontend that the user interacts with was built using angular.js with a backend built on a Flask framework in python. Our data is processed by a trained model on different images of waste items.

Challenges we ran into

  • Interactions between frontend and backend
  • uploading images for processing on the model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a functional web application that allows users to identify the appropriate disposable bin. By doing so, we can sustain reduce the impact of

What's next for CleanIT

The next implementation for the application would be a reward/ranking system for users who want to showcase their incredible efforts in reducing their environmental footprint. We also hope to implement an Enterprise interface that allows local waste management institutions to target their efforts based on the data collected through our application.

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