I wanted something that would keep me on track for cleaning my own home. That's why Cleaning Buddy keeps track of the dates when your cleaning is due and has an internal memory, so you can pick up where you left off. I also wanted something that would make cleaning fun. That's why Cleaning Buddy plays an interlude song and has a point system. I also wanted something to keep me in shape, that's why Cleaning Buddy now has an exercise mode.

What it does

Cleaning Buddy is an all-in-one house cleaning application for the Echo which also now has an optional exercise mode included. Cleaning Buddy helps people fully clean their homes with step-by-step cleaning lists given to them by Alexa. There are five cleaning modes to choose from: daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and speed clean. Cleaning Buddy keeps track of cleaning dates, so the users know when their next cleaning date is due. Cleaning Buddy also has an internal memory, so if they don't finish say their "daily clean", she will reset to the first cleaning task. After completing a cleaning mode, Cleaning Buddy awards users with an interlude song. Users can upgrade their interlude songs by completing cleaning tasks and earning points.

It's simple to use, all's the user has to say is "Alexa, tell cleaning buddy i'm done.", and she will move to the next task. There's also a skip task function, "Alexa, tell cleaning buddy to skip task.", and the user can come back to the task later.

The exercise mode is newly added, and a user can set the intensity level of how hard they'd like to exercise between cleaning tasks. Such exercises as push-ups, lounges, jumping jacks, ect.

The cleaning lists are fully customizable on the website, so users can move and swap their tasks around or add new ones.

How I built it

I built most of this using Php. The other part was simply html

Built With

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