We watched a movie called Wall-e, which represented a world where humanity destroyed Earth due to littering. This movie inspired us to create a robot that can help prevent our world from ending up like the world portrayed in wall-e.

What it does

Our product is called CleanBot, which is a small and portable machine that can clean litter inside of buildings and outside in nature. CleanBot can identify the difference between litter and objects in nature using sensor identification technology. This makes it very efficient in cleaning different locations while not harming the overall environment.

How we built it

We used Scratch, Python, Weebly, Powtoon, and Google Slides to represent several different aspects of CleanBot. We physically built CleanBot using materials we found around our homes. However, it should actually be 3d-printed but we did not have access to a 3d-printer due to the pandemic.

Challenges we ran into

We had no experience with coding, so starting from stage one was difficult. We also had a problem when we designed our CLeanBot on Tinkercad because we want to use that software to 3d print our product. So, we worked around it by creating a model at home using things we found in our houses.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of tackling different Softwares (Weebly, Scratch, Python, PowToon and Google Slides). We are also proud of our end result!

What we learned

Our group learned many things through this experience. Overall, we are happy and proud of participating at this event, as it taught us lots of things. Especially because we are beginners. :) Our group explored different software and learned how to use, Weebly, Scratch, Python, Powtoon and TinkerCAD.

What's next for CleanBot

Next, we want to try to make CleanBot waterproof so that it can clean up ocean litter. Littering destroys aquatic ecosystems and food chains, so CleanBot can help prevent the loss of aquatic wildlife once we discover a way in which we can make CleanBot waterproof.

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