Many honest workers fall victim to human trafficking when they are promised good jobs away from their hometowns only to be cheated in unfamiliar lands - have their passports taken, fear instilled and oppressed by unfair wages or being coerced into sexual trafficking.

CleanWages utilizes publicly-available, immutable and decentralized blockchain technology to create a platform to both verify employer credibility, and provide means for alert systems when rights are not kept.

What it does

  • Create a blockchain contract between employer and employee to prevent exploitation of employees, and serve as a reference to other potential employees
  • Leverage location services for both alert systems and data analysis purposes if employees do not report back after a fixed interval, or if they send an encrypted call for help.

How we built it

We built the web interface with HTML, CSS and javascript and prototyped the mobile app interface using Sketch. The back end of the blockchain database was built using python and connected to the front-facing interface with a Python Flask server.

Challenges we ran into

Human trafficking is a seemingly overwhelming and insurmountable problem and in our process of brainstorming how we could approach such a large issue, we were initially very overwhelmed with the various stakeholders and groups that needed help. We were further limited by the lack of access to technology for many stakeholders in human trafficking. We eventually decided to focus our scope on preventing the scamming and exploitation of workers who leave their hometowns for what they imagine to be fair jobs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very thrilled to use an emerging technology of Blockchain to Block the Chains of unfair labor practices and human trafficking.

What we learned

  • Blockchain technology, and integrating it across multiple servers
  • Web and phone app development

What's next for Clean Wages: Blockchain to Block Chains

Fair Employment Movement: We hope this idea sparks a movement where smart and transparent employment contracts can become the social norm so that bad players have lesser room to exploit unknowing workers. Verification of Companies: Given more time, we would also try to crawl the web for data on companies and display this information in our app. Machine Learning: With a centralized platform of employer, location, and activity data, CleanWages provides a prime opportunity for ML to be used, to detect trends of employment and hotbeds where human trafficking takes place.

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