’Clean Up!‘ is a Hidden Object Game using VR. Using Unreal Engine technique, this game’s background is a 6 or 7-year-old girl’s room. It’s purpose is to organize stuffs by a Cross hair at the center of a screen, using a little Gaming Controller to move inside of the room.

We are going to develop the game as follows;

  1. We’ll furnish a room like a princess living in it, using pastel colors.

  2. It’ll will be filled with a lot of toys about 70 to 80.

  3. It’s goal is to find every things in a room in 5 minutes. There’ll be a whiteboard at the center. Then, a player looks at it and finds them as fast as he/she can.

  4. Player starts at a center of the room, but they can move. Considering a level of difficulty, some stuffs are difficult to find because we are going to place them all over the room.

  5. UI is made of objects placed in a game. For example, Hidden Object Game shows a list to find at the bottom area of a UI, but we’ll replace with a picture and arrange them on the whiteboard.

Through this one, we’d like to make a game that fascinates people interested in Hidden Object Game, and helps them to enhance their concentration by finding character’s items one by one.

Change log 1 (Apr. 26th)

We modeled the toys to fill the room to enjoy the game. Some of toys have been finished! And we have to change some of the development direction.

  • The game will proceed to the operation of the Gear VR sensor itself without a controller.
  • We will be increased from 70 to 100 pieces of toys filling the room.
  • We will be placed in the room decided to look for toys that player.
  • We have to change the location of some furniture To find the optimal position of the furniture and toys, this work will continue until the game is released.

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