We wanted to create an app that was a fun way of taking the stress out of daily life. Our main focus was to make something that takes the user's attention away from however they are feeling and redirects it.

Clean Slate is coloring book app that gives you images and color palettes based on how you are feeling and how you want to feel.

We built it by first adapting the code to converted the png to a svg that was color "fillable." We then designed algorithms to take you from one mood state to another based on user inputs. Using these results we modeled a series of color palettes to select from when filling the image.

We had a tough time not in transferring the png to svg but in making it a color fillable design. Additionally, we found it difficult designing an accurate and responsive algorithm to find a good color path from mood to mood, but ultimately we were able to find solutions to both of our obstacles. We also ran into roadblocks in merging multiple features together. Each team member worked on their section of the project locally and then pushed to the master repo, we had some merge conflicts along the way that thankfully, we were able to fix.

We were able to have two first time hackers shipping code. Also, the entire team was coding in React-Native, a language we're not all familiar with.

React-Native was something relatively new to all team members and it was definitely a learning experience for all.

We want to fix any bugs we run into and make this app public to help those who might need it.

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