Everybody loves their city and their country. When they see it being ruined, they feel a sense of sadness and disappointment. They hate watching their beautiful city being ruined. As individuals they can only do so much, however if they form a community to cleanup their cities and as a result they will cleanup their country.

Our software is a community-based volunteer system. The target is the citizen of the country. The citizen who feels a need to do something for his country. The registered users will be those citizens. Whenever they see any untoward happening or littered areas, they will take a picture and post it. Then all the users who are nearby will be sent a notification that there is an issue at this location (GPS on Google Maps). They will be given an option of "I'm In" or "Maybe". All the users who opted for "I'm In" will then vote on a date and time for the cleanup event. The poster of the issue will then confirm the date and time for the cleanup event.

At the end of the month, there will be a leader board for the users with the most number of cleanup events organized and a Person of the Month for the user who has participated in the most number of cleanup events.

Our business plan is to first attract the users through the use of social media and retain them through a sense of achievement that is felt when one sees the Leader board or Person of the Month. Then to earn through the app, we will place advertisements on the real-estate of the app.

Future Business Verticals:

  1. Reporting Fake Doctors/Electricians.
  2. Reporting Criminal Activities.

After collecting all of this data, we will be able to keep check and balance of the government. e.g If a cleanup event is taking place in a particular area constantly every month, then it means that the government is not sending its workers to collect the garbage on time or the workers themselves are not performing their duties.

We can also keep check and balance on the private businesses e.g if the milkman is found to be mixing water with milk or shopkeeper is found to be overcharging for his goods, then the community can arrange a meetup and discuss how to tackle the problem.

Git-hub URL: https://github.com/codeforpakistan/CleanPak Apk URL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByUOQvkwRZv3d2JBejZBbHJMbVk/view?usp=sharing

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