After decades of dictatorship and past-revolution corruption, the people of Tunisia elected a candidate who was entirely new to politics as their president. To them, this proved that they are finally living in a truly democratic system and that the power is in their hands. This excitement resulted in different movements like Consume Tunisian and We always want our Tunisia to stay clean. The latter inspired thousands of people of different ages and backgrounds to come together and clean beaches, roads, and other places in their neighborhoods. However, this movement is organized in a decentralized way on various different Facebook groups. With up to 50,000 active members in one group, finding events that are nearby can be really time consuming and chaotic. We believe that such a movement could develop an even greater impact if events and actions are all being organized and communicated on the same platform. As waste pollution is not a Tunisian but a worldwide problem, we decided to build an app that enables communities to motivate and to organize themselves all over the world.

What it does

After people have signed up or have signed in, they see a map with the cleanup-challenges that are announced, being worked on or completed in their neighborhood. You can click on an announced challenge to see the details like time, location, and volunteer for it. By clicking on a completed challenge, you can scroll through pictures and text posted by the people who cleaned up during the event. A click on an ongoing event brings you to live-pictures that can be swiped through. In addition, people can create new challenges by entering location, date, time and some more details. Signing up for challenges or creating new challenges gives the user points; the users with the most points are listed in a leaderboard.

How we built it & challenges we ran into

We built the webapp in javascript, node, featherUI, framerXUI, cantomap, and html/css.The map we first wanted to use was buggy, so it took us some time to find a good one.

Accomplishments that we're proud of & what we learned

One team member bailed on the way to our project, so we are proud that we were able to finish the challenge with such a pretty result. During the process, we learned how to do front-end development. Additionally, we know now that it might be better to look for reliable and motivated teammates ahead of the hackaTUM.

What's next for Clean it up

As there is actually a need for such an app, we are going to see if we find a few more people who are willing to work on developing an actual app out of our webapp.

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