In our society, humans are contributing to the degradation of our earth through excess carbon emissions and human activity. We wanted to reduce the carbon emissions that we create through creating a generator that attaches to your phone and uses that generator in conjunction with an app that allows you to contact your legislator about your energy concerns.

What it does

Generates electricity to power a phone (or a power bank) via a fun, interactive app. After reaching a certain level, users will be given the option to send an email to their local legislators informing them of their energy concerns. It is a great way to connect legislators with often-ignored moderate majority directly and efficiently to legislators.

How we built it

This application was built using AppInventor and the Phone2Action API.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding how the API worked and how to implement it in our application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bringing the Phone2Action API to a mobile device (which was not previously available).

What we learned

How to implement an API

What's next for CLEAN - Energy Game

We would like to create a smaller generator that can be integrated within a phone case for easily available charge.

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