Have you ever wished your fully autonomous vaccum cleaner was able to protect you and your precious valuables? Well with CleanAndProtec the Roomba now fully autonomously detects trusted and non-trusted people while it cleans. Your personal butler no longer has to bother himself with home defense, leave that to the robot. He not only Cleans but he also Protec.

What it does

CleanAndProtec combines a USB missile launcher to a Roomba and a Webcam to visually analyze a video stream. The Roomba cleans your house like normal and if it detects an unknown person "Imperial March" is played to alert the person then a nerf dart is fired at them. CleanAndProtec is fully compliant with Asimov's 2nd and 3rd laws.

How we built it

Using Amazon Kinesis Video Streaming and Amazon Rekognition to find a set target, the camera spots it, alerts the Raspberry Pi, which then alerts the missile launcher and Roomba to stop in place, aim...FIRE.

Challenges we ran into

Both the Roomba communication and the USB missile launcher communication required reverse engineering. Streaming delay was also tricky, had to keep track of Roomba's steps to back track and aim at the target.

What's next for Clean and Protec

Adding arms and delivering drinks to the right human.

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