In Hinduism, People Donate So People Who Have Sadly Passed Away Or Are Sick Can Better. This Is Just A Way To Ask God To Give The Passed Away People Peace And The One Who Are Sick Can Get Better. And also the campaign called #TeamTrees also had a huge impact so We Made Cleaf. You Can Donate Like This And Our Team Will Do Whatever You Chose Like Giving Food To Homeless People Or Plant A Tree Etc.

What it does

The web app that we made focuses on making a safe place where people can come and donate some amount to different causes like planting a tree, feeding animals, etc., in either loving memories of anyone or to express gratitude

How we built it

Firstly, after the event started, we held a meeting among ourselves, and then we brainstormed over different ideas and then finalized the idea that we currently have. After finalizing the idea, Aaryan made a Github repo and uploaded new Django files. Prashanna and Aaryan started working on the backend of the web app using Django and Jeevesh started doing the frontend using HTML and CSS. The login part was covered by Aaryan who used SQLite 3 to store user data and the payment integration was done by Prashanna, he used e-sewa API for the same.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we were a team of 2 and then we met 2 other people on the discord server. Of them, one seemed to be friendly and workable but the other one did not respond to any messages so we had to proceed without him. Alongside having less to no experience with the frontend, we had to learn bootstrap and complete our frontend with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have a semi-working web app that does all the things that we had planned and along with the development we picked up on a few things that we had no idea prior to making this project.

What we learned

We learned about merge conflict management, using bootstrap, e-sewa API integration with Django

What's next for Cleaf

In the future, we plan to expand Cleaf to a wide range of areas by adding more features like adding blogs, chatting systems, international payment modes, and many more. There is more to be planned and more to be explored on the same. We also want to make a seller profile and have a rating and accomplishments tab for them. Also giving a (virtual) badge to the donators or giving them some sort of thank you token would be immensely pleasurable for them.

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