Claudia AIML Bot

A node.js app using Claudia. Allows users to chat with a bot on facebook. Edit responses/bot.aiml to change responses.

Based on my first version of the bot but added facebook ui, emotion module using Microsoft cognitive api, logging using dynamoDb, and the ability to play rock, paper, scissors.


After cloning:

npm install claudia -g
npm install
claudia create --region us-east-1 --api-module bot --configure-fb-bot

Config for database logging

To get logging with dynamoDb working you need to create a table for users and a table for messages. After you've made the tables add the names to the 'config/config.js' file.

You'll also need to enable the lambda function to access your DyndamoDB instance. You can do this in the 'identity & access management' section of the AWS console.

Config for emotion detection

The emotion command causes the bot to use Microsoft's Cogntitive Emotion API with the user's profile picture. To get this working you need to get an api key and add it to the 'config/config.js' file.

More on using Claudia:


What is AIML:

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