Exam season? Worried about CPSC110? Wanna study together? There are times when we want to study with people having common interests and subjects like us as it gives us the motivation and mental support to crack the exams.

classyfi, as the name suggests, is a classy web app and a one-stop solution for finding study groups in real time. It shows all the live study groups on an interactive Google Map through which we can navigate to the location and join the group.

The technologies used to create classyfi are Google Maps API, Google Geocoding API, Google Place Autocomplete API, Google Authentication API, Moment.js, MongoDB Atlas, Express.js, and EJS.

A person who creates a study group becomes an admin and the people joining it become the members. Points are given to each person based on the number of minutes they spend studying (5 points/30 min.). The student with the most points is displayed at the top which gamifies the whole process of studying and incentivizes people to study harder.

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