Teachers spend: a) a lot of time to prepare assignments and grade students remotely; b) uncertainty in grading formats.

On average, a teacher is now working 1.5 times more than usual. Such a load will reduce the quality of content and the assessment of tasks.

Students and parents: a) lack of attention; b) parents spend a lot of time with children on homework.

Technology: YouTube and other video hosting platforms don't allow users to record and struggle to speed up the process of video publishing (delays). No features for teachers. eSchool platforms don't provide the option either.


A drag and drop platform for teachers that allows you to create an interactive lesson in 15 minutes.


  1. Record a video, screencast or voice;
  2. Insert interactive elements to maintain attention and memorize the material: a test, a block with information, a key idea or call-to-action, an image and Q/A to check how the student understood a content;
  3. Automatic student assessment using browser features.

The teacher will be able to share a link to the lesson, see statistics for each lesson and transfer the results to the eSchool platform (such as, The student will keep the attention and get a grade according to the results.

Status: We did customer development with 21 teachers and university lecturers to understand their use cases (during the week). Based on the data collected, we managed to agree to have a proof of concept with 3 schools in Estonia (60+ teachers).

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