A common problem facing students is the difficulty in knowing exactly how long it takes to get to different places on campus. We aimed to solve this problem by making an easy-to-access website that allows users to search and choose locations, giving them the transit time between the two places and what time they should leave to get there on time.

What it does

The website provides with travel time between two points and tells you when you have to leave to get there on time.

How we built it

We used HTML as the base for the website, with CSS as the configuration and Javascript to write the bulk of the logic in the website. We also interfaced with the Google API.

Challenges we ran into

We did not have a solid grasp of Javascript, so some of the time was spent learning that.

Future Improvements

We could make the table expand, allowing the user to input multiple classes and view them all at the same time. We also could add a bike option to find other, potentially faster routes and accurate biking times.


Use the search bar located below the map to find your location and destination, if not already pinned. Select your location, then your destination pins. Enter the time your class starts in the bottom left, under the Time of Arrival column. If you walk especially fast or slow, change the speed selection. Click Calculate Time, and the time it will take to travel there will appear under Travel Time in minutes, and the time you must leave by is under the Leave By column.

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