We were inspired by the opportunities of protecting communities, especially among students and learning environments. One area that we found that had potential was classroom to classroom monitoring as well as attendance and safety protocol that could be implemented.

What it does

Our project is able to monitor and track classroom attendance with the help of a facial recognition system that will be able to allow access to a classroom based on student recognition as well as keep track of attendance. The end goal was to create a safer and more academic space where students are not concerned with the ever rising issue of school safety as well as to create a system for teachers and deans to be able to monitor classrooms and support school safety through inclusive technology.

How we built it

We used flutter to create an administrative web application that displayed information such as classroom time logs and student specific logs that tracked their attendance throughout multiple classes. We used google firebase to collect photos from the facial recognition system which will analyze the photo by comparing it to the student's school id photo which will in turn send a signal to the arduino to either lock or unlock the door.

Challenges we ran into

We faced multiple challenges, the most challenging aspect being the firebase integration in our web application and the API integration itself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to debug large amounts of code in multiple languages and edit our firebase path to make our product function.

What we learned

In the end, we were able to advance our skills in dart, flutter, and firebase integration with C++.

What's next for ClassSafe

We plan on further developing ClassSafe to accomadate more students by upgrading our database and the analysis systems by possible using different APIs and will focus on expansion in the future.

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