With school campuses reopening for fall and COVID-19 cases still on the rise, thousands of parents have begun scrambling to organize home or hybrid-schooling for their children as a safer alternative. Unfortunately, this can be an overwhelming and isolating experience for both parent and child. This is especially true for families from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who may not have access to paid resources like private tutoring. Classroots was designed to address parent needs for forming supplemental learning and social groups for their kids and reduce the equity gap in education through its free and community-powered platform.

What it Does

Classroots allows parents of homeschooled or hybrid-schooled students K-6 to connect to discuss curriculum and education opportunities for their children. They can connect via shared locations, interests, or educational styles.

How We Built it

We created the front-end with React and the backend with Express, using Firebase to handle database transactions.

We also used passportJS for user authentication and authorization

Challenges We Ran Into

We put the wrong path for our import and we spent an hour trying to fix it.

Getting Firebase to work with our stack was a bit challenging at first b/c we hadn't used it in an API before.

Accomplishments that We're Proud of

Seeing this project take shape quickly has been fun and we all learned something new. However, since our skill sets were so diverse, we were all able to learn from each other.

What We Learned

New technical and collaborative skills

What's Next for Classroots

Better UI, More comprehensive and safe backend (we had to expose our secrets b/c we couldn't get heroku working properly), and expanding on how to make more immersive "pods"

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