We were inspired to do this project by the constant juggling of work projects and COVID19 home schooling. It has created challenges that have made keeping both work and family life difficult at times.

What it does

This is an integration with Google Classroom that will allow the importing of kids classroom work, assignments, and Video conferences. This allows for a parent to better manage and automate tasks on the same platform that they use for work projects making it just slightly easier to monitor kids progress while still staying on top of work tasks. It allow better work life blending.

How I built it

We used Python and nodejs for our integration that pulls data from Google Classroom at regular intervals to make sure that parents know the latest with their kids class schedules and assignments.

Challenges I ran into

Ran into issues getting Oauth to work right and understanding how the integrations would work for this type of application, but we overcame that with experimentation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built something that will help many parents that are struggling during COVID19 and while it is a simple integration, it will have broad appeal for users that are home with kids.

What I learned

I had to teach my oldest son how to make REST calls, and I had to better understand how OAuth2 works to get this accomplished.

What's next for Classroom Helper

Next steps is to add additional Classroom technologies used by schools.

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