We aimed to reduce pain points for both student and teachers by reducing distraction as well as providing tools to improve engagement.

What it does

Sets up a local firewall network that prevents web surfing and frivolous app use. The network also provides a convenient and simple interface where students can keep track of their points earned and teachers can easily share files and information with the students.

How we built it

Set up a wifi access point on the dragon board 410c which includes a fully functioning routing system, DHCP system, ip forwarding to prevent all outgoing connections to the internet. Then created an interface using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap which allows the instructor and student to interact locally. Everything from powering on to being functional is fully automated in the development board.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into driver compatibility issues while setting up the WiFi AP point and configuring the DHCP server. We are also required to make a last minute change in the technology required due to achieve a more interactive functionality with MySQL

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything is able to be built and compiled into one development board, making it easy and practical for a use case in the classroom with no technical knowledge needed to operate.

What we learned

Certain operating systems have their compatibility issues where a workaround is needed to achieve the desired functionality. Having a develop and plan the project at the same time is not a good way to save time, as extra time is needed to solve problems we have encountered during the development phase.

What's next for Classroom Extra Credit Sandbox

Integrate better functionality into the system with more system that could improve class interactivity with the instructor such as a question/clicker program, better firewall rules that allows students to search up useful information that wouldn't interrupt the class flow.

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