We've all been in the situation where it appears as if everyone is keeping up with the lecture except for us. We want to raise our hands, but are too afraid of judgement. As a result, we've created a web application that allows students in a similar situation to have a chance to ask questions anonymously.

What it does

A light-weight web application that allows students and professors to interact with one another anonymously.

How we built it

Express.js and Node.js for backend server for networking

Challenges we ran into

Hosting the web application. Routing between HTML pages while maintaining socket connections. Styling web pages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finished the product within the allotted time.

What we learned

Learned how to implement and integrate all the technologies. Learned networking for the first time.

What's next for Classroom Community

Instant Wolfram Alpha API feedback. Allowing Clicker functionality. Finding and creating study rooms for students.

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