When we think of climate change mitigation and reducing carbon footprint, we usually think of driving less and turning out the lights, but organic and inorganic waste produced hugely contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions. A zero-waste lifestyle not only keeps material out of our landfills but also reduces our carbon footprint. The major problems affecting solid waste segregation are unscientific treatment, improper collection of waste, and ethical problems. This leads to hazards like environmental degradation, water pollution, soil pollution, and air pollution. We built SegBin for the InfiniHacks Challenge keeping in mind the environmental track. SegBin aims to optimize waste segregation thereby combating climate change. It will help users become more aware and conscious of their waste. We believe in motivating the users by rewarding them with points that can be used to avail themselves of cashback or rewards. On a greater front, we can install SegBins in societies and educational institutes where people can scan the QR code after successfully dumping the garbage.

What it does

Waste Awareness:

The 'Know your waste' feature helps our users to classify their waste into different categories. Also, helps them with suggestions of commonly used waste. Making the experience easy and user-friendly. In case the waste is not listed in the suggested categories, we have provided a search bar for the same.

Scan QR to win rewards:

This feature can be used to scan the QR code pasted on the dustbin which will indicate that the user has dumped its waste. To increase the motivation among users, we will be providing them with reward points and cashback.

How it was built

Html, CSS, and JavaScript power the front-end of the application. User login details are stored in the database offered by Firebase along with user authentication.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Coming up with an efficient solution to help combat climate change.
  2. Using the features provided by Firebase to complete our tasks.
  3. How to provide an elegant and user-friendly user experience.
  4. Understanding how to integrate a QR code scanner into our application.

Achievements we are proud of

SegBin contributes to solving an age-old waste segregation problem that is highly responsible for climate change. We are proud that we have taken a small step towards this issue and can help even in the slightest possible way. We hope that SegBin motivates people to be more aware of their waste and be more cautious.

What we have learned

  1. Coordinating in a team and coming up with efficient solutions.
  2. The solution should be extremely easy to implement for the public.
  3. Completing the project under the allotted time limit.

What's next for SegBin

The next steps for SegBin are:

  1. Installing smart dustbins in societies and educational institutes.
  2. Scaling up to bigger databases.
  3. Using real rewards and cashback.
  4. Making the dustbins smarter with the help of the Internet of Things(IoT).

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