There are many applications and consoles that require class participation in schools and colleges. As students, a problem that we've noticed is a lack of attendance and participation in our classes. We wanted to try and solve this issue in a creative way that was easy and economical for both students and teachers. Currently devices that check attendance like iClickers and Tophat, are expensive and easily bypassed. They also do not offer any other incentive to be used.

What it does

The goal of ClassQuest is to promote student attendance and in class engagement by gamifying the learning process.

We used the RPG feature of collecting coins and defeating monsters (where the collected coins can be used to buy a variety of characters) to encourage students to engage with the material and their peers. Students can also access their previous participation questions to review the class materials and give their teachers feedback after every lecture.

Sometimes students need a bit of a push to get to and stay in class. ClassQuest accurately tracks attendance by using the location of a student's phone to make sure they are present. Once the student reaches class, the app will allow them to sign into the lecture session with a code provided by the instructor. It will also continue to monitor the student's location and time spent in class.

How we built it

We first created mockups of the UI in Adobe XD. We used graphics from and and edited them using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Based on the mockups, we created the app in Xcode using Swift and added the functional elements. We attempted to also incorporate the Bitmoji Kit from Snapkit into ClassQuest, so students can use their bitmoji as their avatars. We also prototyped using the Google Maps API to track location, but we were unable to get to that in this session.

Challenges we ran into

We had some issues with recreating the UI in Xcode as well as integrating Bitmoji Kit. As this was our first time creating an iOS application, we had a little bit of a learning curve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was out first time designing and building iOS app.

What's next for ClassQuest

Further developing the functionality that we prototyped in UI. (Adding battle animations, more characters, etc.)

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