ClassPass has a partner website that caters to gym, fitness studio, and beauty spa owners and managers who are interested in listing their services on ClassPass' booking platform. One question we frequently receive is "How much money could I be earning as a ClassPass partner?" It's an important question that requires considering a number of factors.

Many websites now have "savings calculators" that help customers determine how much they could save with a product or service. We wanted to leverage this functionality to develop an earnings estimation tool for potential partners.

What it does

The calculator asks for information specific to a user's business, such as services provided, schedule, and prices. It then relies on data from our existing partners to determine how much potential revenue they could earn with ClassPass.

How we built it

We built the calculator almost entirely using HubSpot's standard features, including HubSpot forms, HubDB, and HUBL.

Challenges we ran into

Because the calculator tool consists of a single HubSpot form, we had to use a novel implementation of JavaScript and CSS to break the calculator out into individual "steps".

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that the calculator integrates perfectly with HubSpot's COS and CRM, enabling us to create powerful user journeys for prospective partners. Additionally, we're able to nurture leads generated from our calculator in a personalized way based on information about their business.

What we learned

We learned that a strong understanding of HUBL enables us to create powerful tools within HubSpot's COS. We also learned that personalized experiences resonate with our prospective business partners and encourages them to convert.

What's next for ClassPass Partner Revenue Calculator

Because this tool was built entirely in HubSpot and relies on very few external dependancies, it can be easily maintained and optimized for years to come. In the near future, we plan on using data analytics and A/B testing to uncover ways to encourage users through the flow.

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