Lack of realtime interaction b/w students and teacher in video lessons leaves much to be desired. In video chat, the teacher-student interaction is one-way at best. We aim to bridge this gap with classpad.

What it does

Any user can join existing classrooms on the landing page, or host his/her own with a password if required. The classroom has a synchronized blackboard with markers that student/teachers can use. There is video chat that uses peer to peer connection without relying on external services.

How we built it

WebRTC for the video chat, storing the board in mongo using redis as cache. Meteor for quick development. fabric.js was used for canvas operations.

Challenges we ran into

webrtc video required secure origins for camera access. But thanks to letsencrypt and some google fu we were able to get a free certificate. The UI required a lot of dom manipulation for the video. The board required svg transformations, biggest challenge being the synchronization.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

How much we were able to make in 24 hours. We will make it even more robust as we enjoyed using it ourselves.

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