In modern-day elementary school classrooms, the class can often feel separated from the parents of the students. Parents may ask their child what they did in school that day. However, students won't necessarily be able to give all the detail that the parents want to know, such as assigned homework, due dates, and behavior.

What it does

Classify fixes this by closing the distance between parents and the classroom. When a teacher sees a student doing something good or bad, he/she can ask Alexa to give or remove a student's points. The student's total points are then showed on for parents to view. Parents can also view all of the assignments (with due dates) that the teacher added using an Amazon Echo. This will allow them to help their child complete their assignments on time. In addition to all of this, if a parent has any concerns about why their child has the point total they have, or wants more information about an assignment, he/she can send an email to the teacher directly off of our website. If a student rises above or falls below a certain point value a text will automatically be sent to the student's parents. Texts will also be sent to parents every time an assignment is created or removed.

How we built it

Our team used an Amazon Echo in conjunction with Amazon Web Services Lambda to send points and assignments to Parse Server. Then, retrieved data from Parse to show it on the website. Twilio was used with Amazon Web Services to send all of the texts. Using emailjs, we were able to allow parents to send emails to the teacher directly off the website.

Challenges we ran into

Since no one on our team was familiar with AWS Lambda or the Amazon Echo in general, a lot of time was spent learning and making mistakes. In addition to Amazon-related issues, we encountered other obstacles, including sending texts with Twilio and using HTML Canvas

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of how we helped each other solve issues on subjects that were foreign to all of us just 2 days ago. Being able to hack on new hardware and using new languages certainly provided for a challenge, but we were able to reach our goals and have fun the whole time.

What we learned

Cumulatively, our team learned Javascript, AWS Lambda, Twilio, and Alexa voice service.

What's next for Classify

Classify can be expanded to create a more comprehensive classroom system. Although Classify is currently directed towards elementary-age children, other features will make it more adaptable to various educational levels.

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