Every semester, students would take the time to look for group chats for their classes, whether its on Facebook Messenger or WeChat. This usually takes a lot of time as you need to find invite links, or be invited to those classes. Classify is the solution. Classify is a web messaging application that connects users with the same classes and group them into one common sharing space.

The goal was to have it so that users would input their name and course code, then be put in a group chat with others who have the same class code. In the end, users with the same class can communicate course material, share homework questions, or even share past exams with each other.

We had trouble connecting each framework with each other. For example connecting the front end to the back end. This caused many issues which ultimately lead us to have a bunch of individual working parts, but none in unison. In the future, we plan to get everything to work together, and possibly expand to other platforms like on Discord.

Currently non-functional

We use HTML/CSS for the front end, Flask and Python for the backend, and Firebase to store data

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