At schools around Ontario, elementary school children are exposed to and actively participate in recycling. Many of these children build good habits in these schools recycling, and continue to do so through the rest of their lives. However, with the pandemic keeping kids away from school for nearly a year and a half, many of these habits may have faded.

What it does

Our game is a game built to teach the basics of recycling with accessibility as our first priority. Users play a game where they classify trash into three categories: organic, recyclable, and garbage. Games include a countdown timer and a scoring system to make it more fun for the students playing it!

How we built it

We built this application with Java Swing. We chose this language + framework combo due to how easy it is to run with our target demographic, schools. Many underfunded schools have poor internet and old desktop computers, so newer web apps will not run as well. Java Swing is an older framework designed for older computers, so it will run well for these schools.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the challenges we ran into had to do with the various Layout Classes available in Java Swing. It was hard to position elements even in basic grid layouts, due to the lack of customization Swing Grid provides. We also had issues with, as it refused to recompile our code many times, leading to us deleting all of the .class files to force it to do so.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of finishing a hackathon project that met our initial specifications as beginner hackers!

What we learned

Andrew: I learned a lot about teamwork and how hard version management is as a team. This was my first time working with more than one other person on a technical project, and I had a lot of fun doing it. I also learned a lot about Swing layouts.

Cynthia: I learned the basics of how OOP works and the existence of anonymous functions. I also realized why people rarely choose java for graphics.

Sophia: I learned how to use the basics of Java Swing and how difficult formatting is. Overall, this experience was very fun and I hope to do it again.

Kevin: I also learned the basics of OOP and Java Swing, and perhaps why Java Swing isn't used anymore. I expanded my knowledge of classes and methods in java and learnt how to make gifs and images using

What's next for Classificateur

Adding more items, a leaderboard function, and a web download link are all things that we are planning to add to Classificateur.

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