Classical Literature Interactive (CLi) in an immersive learning environment that focuses on the works of classical and neo-classical authors. Engage in individual or group learning for venues such as home schooling, high school and college coursework, book clubs, and personal enrichment. Experts in a given field or with unique knowledge of a particular author or literary work provide lively and intriging lectures via HD video. The group leader’s tweets are automatically displayed at the top of the video screen when the session video is playing. This allows for the group leader to interact directly with the people participating in the session. Users can interact with the Cli application using any third party application for Twitter or Evernote and through chat. For Evernote, any note stored in a Notebook entitled CLI and tagged with the CLI tag, will appear on the Notes page in the CLI application. Users are therefore free to enter notes about the session they are watching on any device that has an Evernote client. The discussion page allows for group interaction following the session. The current window utilizes a Facebook feature, but this is merely a placeholder, awaiting a software fix for the Movl chat tool and Samsung to be pushed through.

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