Inspiration: We were inspired from personal experience of trying to add or remove classes. We had trouble communicating with the VP, who is in charge of class schedules. Since only one contact person exists for determining whether a class is full or whether a class can be dropped, we chose to make a class tracker that any student can contribute to, to help determine if a class is available, or someone wants to replace another student's position in the class.

What it does: It saves a student's name and ID number in the database, and it printed onto the console when a submit button is pressed. It is supposed to record whether a student wants to add or drop a class, and change the counter on the table so other students can see for reference.

How I built it: We had basic knowledge of Java and HTML. Our mentor introduced us to JSP (JavaServer Pages) to make the two languages compatible.

Challenges I ran into: We had trouble combining Java and HTML initially, and eventually found JSP. We also had many issues to run JSP on Eclipse. We were also unfamiliar with saving an Arraylist to a File, retrieving the data, and printing it. We were not able to visibly change the counter on the screen because we had trouble displaying a variable after it was changed later. We also wanted to have the students add a certain class instead of our current program, where a limited number of classes are shown.

Usefulness: The current system implemented by our school is not as efficient or convenient as a system we tried to design. This is mainly an issue due to the lack of communication and accessibility to this information. Often times, they try to prevent students from dropping these classes to receive more school funding, which can negatively effect a student's well being because they might be pushed beyond their capacity or they might not be challenging themselves enough. This app also helps understaffed schools deal with these kinds of issues and keep up student morale.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: It was interesting to see how backend and frontend code could be combined.

We are proud of learning how to use HTML & JSP. The experience of implementing something we already know to a completely new project.

What I learned: We learned we shouldn't be too ambitious if we don't have a basic enough understanding of what we're going to be using to create our project.

What's next for Classes Tracker: We can add a forum section so underclassmen can read reviews about classes they are interested.

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