Discord is an underrated platform for conducting online classes even though it has many features which make it the perfect choice to conduct classes that other services like Microsoft Teams and Zoom do not have. We created this bot with the hope that schools might lean towards discord since it is free and easy to use and if there is a system in place to manage classroom activities, it would be easy for teachers to conduct classes here.

What it does

The bot has several features which teachers and students both can use.

The main features are:

  • Classroom Management:
    • Scheduling meetings
    • Creating classwork and homework assignments
    • Checking attendance and creating quizzes
    • Creating meetings is very easy and the bot creates announcements for all the students
    • The bot sends reminders for assignments and also accepts submissions which it sends to the teacher once the time is up
    • Teachers can check who is present in a meeting at a given time with a simple command that causes the bot to directly message the attendance to the teacher
    • To check that students are paying attention, the bot can randomly select a student to answer a question in a class by pinging them
  • Student Commands: Students can check what assignments are due and also submit their work.

How we built it

ClassCord was built using the discord module in Python. We also used datetime and some of our own algorithms to create different functionalities. The website was built using HTML/CSS/SASS/JS/BOOTSTRAP.

Challenges we ran into

Documentation for code with rewrites and creating algorithms to prevent errors. Selecting core features was tricky since we had tons of idea but little time.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud to have created such a bot in less than 48 hours and that too with many amazing functionalities which can be implemented in real life. The bot has some potential to be used in a virtual classroom set up and we are proud to have brought this idea to life from scratch. We are also proud to have created a great responsive website for our project with detailed docs (and dark mode).

What we learned

We learnt how to create a system that can efficiently manage a server and perform several functions with given constraints. We also learnt to prioritize features in software based on its core usage.

What's next for ClassCord

ClassCord has a lot of potential in the future. We plan to further improve the features and add a database so that we can have a common bot for multiple servers. We plan to add some more features and then host it full time with a service like Heroku. ClassCord definitely can be improved further to make it even easier to use and help teachers around the world by conducting online classes.

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