The Critical Review website at Brown shows rating of professors and classes; however, it does not tell you anything about the students in the class. We created ClassConnect to put a user in contact fellow students who have taken or are taking a class at Brown.

What it does

The web app takes prompts a user to log in to Facebook. Then, a user can input a class to find names of students and facebook friends who have taken the class. The user can also add his or her information to the database by selecting the add classes button.

How we built it

Flask, javascript, html, css, python, facebook api

Challenges we ran into

Getting the database running, managing all the different programming languages, Facebook API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully implemented Facebook Login API and got the database running (thanks Andrew). Additionally, we each learned some aspects of Flask and Javascript as we had never used these before.

What we learned

Javascript, Facebook API utilization, Flask

What's next for classconnect

We will try to deploy the web app and be able to implement a facebook friends list that was stopped by Facebook API privacy settings. Also, we will try to generalize our app so it can be used across many different universities/colleges/schools.

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